Canadian Cannabis Survey 2018

Canadian Cannabis Survey 2018

Published on March 12, 2019

Health Canada has been actively collecting data to better understand how Canadians view and use cannabis.  Collection of detailed information on cannabis use has traditionally been through surveys.  Notably, the Canadian Cannabis Survey (CCS) collects information such as the frequency of use, methods of consumption, and perceptions of use.  

In its inaugural year, the 2017 survey examined questions such as quantities consumed and use of cannabis for medical purposes; the cannabis market, and issues of public safety.  The 2018 survey, conducted between May and July 2018, aimed to gather additional data to better understand the use of cannabis in Canada. These data included changes to willingness to publicly report cannabis use if legal; perceived risk of using cannabis in various ways; expected source of cannabis once it is legal; absenteeism from school and work as a result of cannabis use; receiving treatment or counseling for cannabis use as well as maternal use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

The 2018 survey results will be compared to data collected in 2017 and those collected following the implementation of the Cannabis Act in October 2018.

In 2018, the CCS collected data in 4 thematic areas:

·         Knowledge, attitudes and behaviors

·         Cannabis use and products used

·         Driving and cannabis

·         Cannabis for medical purposes

Knowledge, attitudes and behaviors

Survey topics included social acceptability of cannabis and other substance use, perceived risk of using cannabis and other substances, observation of cannabis use in public, and cannabis use in the home.

Cannabis use and products used

This theme specifically focused on people who reported using cannabis for non-medical purposes.  Topics included frequency of cannabis use, age of initiation of use, number of hours spent under the influence in a typical use day, methods of consumption, types of cannabis products used, average amount spent on these products, and where people store cannabis inside the home.

Driving and cannabis

Survey topics included driving habits relative to cannabis use and to cannabis use in combination with alcohol/other drugs.  All respondents were asked if they had ever been a passenger in a vehicle driven by someone within two hours of using cannabis, and all respondents were also asked for their opinions on cannabis and driving.

Cannabis for medical purposes

For those respondents who indicated they had used cannabis for medical purposes in the past 12 months, they were surveyed on the source of the product, type of product, frequency of use, type of strain, how much was used in a typical day, diseases and symptoms addressed by cannabis use, and changes in use of other medications as a result of cannabis use.

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