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2017 Schedule for Submitting Advertisements and Articles in the NOC

  • Winter: Post market surveillance and cyber security
  • Spring: Plain Language Labelling
  • Summer: Regulatory Cooperation Council
  • Fall: Regulations of Self-care Products

Disclaimer: In order to ensure we publish the best possible issue, we reserve the right to make changes without notice.

Submission Deadline to CAPRA*

Fall  Issue:
Topics: Regulations of Self-care Products

Deadline for submission: Nov 02, 2017 (First-come first-serve basis)

* For Advertising/Pricing/Payments contact, for Articles contact

NOC Advertising Options

NOC Advertising Options

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Inside Magazine - 1/2 Page $550.00
Inside Magazine - Full Page $700.00
Inside Back Cover, Full Page $900.00
Inside Front Cover, Full Page $900.00
Outside Back Cover, Full Page $1,000.00
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