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Planning to place an employment advertisement through CAPRA/ACRP?

Regulatory professionals are difficult to find. Win the competition for talent, by advertising in CAPRA. Our email employment notice service brings you access to hundreds of top class, experienced professionals. One of them may be just whom you are looking for!

This includes the advertisement being posted as follows:

  • E-mail to CAPRA members who have e-mail (over 98% do) - issued biweekly or as necessary,
  • Posting of the employment advertisement on the CAPRA web-site for not less than 60 days - updated every week.

If the advertisement contains a specific deadline please keep the above mailing intervals in mind and choose a date that is accommodating as the advertisement will be issued regardless.

Payment must be received before the advertisement will be posted. 

If you are interested in placing an employment advertisement with CAPRA, please click here.