Executive Committee

  • Christelle Gedeon (Board Lead)
  • Valerie Joseph
  • Derek Chan
  • Paul Bonnici 

Finance Committee

  • Derek Chan (Board Lead)
  • Christelle Gedeon
  • Valerie Joseph 

SOP and Policy Committee

Role: Committee responsible for working with CAPRA Board to identify, write and approve CAPRA SOPs or policies.

  • Paul Bonnici (Board Lead and Committee Chair)
  • Hareet Aujla (CAPRA Administrator) 

Election Committee

Role: Responsible for coordination of annual elections.

  • Janet Holden (Board Lead)
  • Queenia Lee  

Symposium Committee

Role: Responsible for meetings that provide an in-depth exploration of topics related to a particular theme, usually over a two-day meeting forum.

  • Jai Velusamy (Board Lead)
  • Queenia Lee (Committee Chair)
  • Angie Taylor
  • Anne Messner
  • Danny Germain
  • Irina Chertov
  • Janice Weiler
  • Katia Betito
  • Kristina Marusic
  • Lawrence Colero  

Education Day Committee

Role: Responsible for conducting educational meetings that address updates in a one-day meeting forum.

  • Mahdis Dorkalam  (Board Lead)
  • Krystyna Bienkiewicz (Committee Chair)
  • Anupama Patil
  • Bhavesh Patel
  • Joanna Czwarny
  • Kate Rogucka
  • Oxana Iliach
  • Vivek Patel
  • Hareet Aujla (CAPRA Administrator) 

Dinner Meeting Committee

Role: Responsible for coordinating evening meetings that address current regulatory topics in a one-hour presentation including time for questions and discussion.

  • Kerry Diaz (Board Lead)
  • Katharine Manson (Toronto Committee Chair)
  • Stan North (Montreal Committee Chair) 

AGM Committee

  • Paul Bonnici (Board Lead)
  • Katharine Manson
  • Derek Chan 

Annual Face-to-Face Meeting

  • Christelle Gedeon  (Board Lead)
  • Derek Chan 

Marketing Committee

Role: The committee coordinates marketing activities on behalf of CAPRA (Marketing, Employment ads, Advertisements within NOC).

  • Angela Dyer (Board Lead )
  • Krista Coventry (Committee Chair)
  • Reem Rahil Khazen
  • Hareet Aujla (Advertising) 


  • Shan Chaudhuri (Board Lead)


  • Sandra Ireland (Committee Chair, E-Bulletins)

NOC Editorial Committee

  • Shan Chaudhuri (Committee Chair, NOC Publication)
  • Ayu Tran
  • Edyta Purizaca
  • Irene Herrera Loa
  • Jerome Velasco
  • Milan Patel
  • Monaly Mistry
  • Ray Lim
  • Stan North
  • Hareet Aujla (Advertisement within NOC) 

Student Relations Committee

Role: Liaising with student groups interested in the Regulatory Affairs profession to introduce them to CAPRA and its membership.

  • Janet Holden (Board Lead and Committee Chair)
  • Michelle Murphy 

Website Committee

Role: Responsible for overseeing the CAPRA website to 1) suggest revisions and improvements to the website content and 2) coordinate the implementation of website revisions with the Webmaster. In the context of the above, the Website Committee may coordinate activities with other CAPRA committees and individuals involved in regular website updates, in areas such as Advertising, Membership updates, Job Postings and Meetings.

  • Nikolas Purcell (Board Lead and Committee Chair)
  • Bhavesh Patel
  • Krista Coventry
  • Karen Zhou
  • Pinky Mazumder
  • Hareet Aujla (Responsible for CAPRA inbox) 

Programming Committee

  • Valerie Joseph (Board Lead and Committee Chair)
  • Christelle Gedeon
  • Derek Chan
  • Hetal Mokashi
  • Kerry Diaz
  • Krista Coventry
  • Lawrence Colero
  • Mary Speagle
  • Paul Bonnici
  • Queenia Lee 

Webinar Committee

  • Hetal Mokashi (Board Lead and Committee Chair)
  • Hareet Aujla (CAPRA Administrator) 

Volunteer Recognition Committee

  • Derek Chan (Board Lead and Committee Chair)
  • Hareet Aujla (CAPRA Administrator)