Board of Directors
Listing of the current board members including Directors and Officers.

CAPRA/ACPR committees and their roles.

General By-laws
CAPRA/ACPR's By-laws in PDF format. 

CAPRA Mission

The Canadian Association of Professionals in Regulatory Affairs (CAPRA) is a non-profit organization that serves the pharmaceutical, biologics, medical device, cosmetic and natural health product industries in Canada.

We foster learning, networking and professional excellence of our members.

We will build and strengthen relationships with governmental agencies, scientific experts and industry educators in order to create an affordable, professionally fulfilling and academically enriching environment for our members. 

CAPRA Benefits:

The Canadian Association of Professionals in Regulatory Affairs (CAPRA) is an organization dedicated to providing its members with opportunities to enhance their professional development and maximize career opportunities. Whether you are a student, an entry-level associate or an experienced executive, a membership with CAPRA is a must. CAPRA membership provides:

  • Professional Development and Networking Opportunities
    With easy to access bi-monthly dinner meetings, webinars, and traditional face-to-face conferences such as Education Day & Annual Symposia, members enjoy numerous opportunities to network and learn with other co-workers, industry leaders and key government officials.
  • News & Information
    Our quarterly NOC Magazine, exclusively available to CAPRA members provides regulatory professionals with insightful & up-to-date information on regulatory, legal, industry and quality matters affecting all types of health products. We are pleased to provide an online access to the magazine and its archived copies to all members.
  • Access to CAPRA Member Directory
    This member-only resource lists all active CAPRA members and is searchable by name, company and location. The directory provides information on member profiles, and allows members to update their records online.

Membership Value

  • CAPRA members contribute to the success of this volunteer organization, and allow us to deliver great programs and services at very competitive rates.
  • Members get reduced rates for meetings and symposia
  • Students in recognized Regulatory Affairs programs get preferred rates for dinner meetings


  • CAPRA-ACPR publishes a quarterly magazine called The News of Course, or The N.O.C. for short, which carries articles about regulatory changes in Canada and around the world. All members receive the magazine as part of their membership benefits.
  • The electronic counterpart of The N.O.C. is The eN.O.C., which is published between issues of the magazine and has shorter, more timely information about industry and regulatory developments. It is distributed to all members by electronic means.
  • Bi-weekly electronic mail messages are sent to all members with information they need about upcoming regulatory events.
  • The CAPRA-ACPR web site has become an increasingly useful tool to the members and contains back copies of the publications, membership liaison tools, and on-line registration for symposia. 


  • CAPRA-ACPR, often with Health Canada as a co-sponsor, organises several one-day or multi-day symposia every year in Toronto, Montréal, and/or Ottawa. These symposia focus on a particular theme such as provincial submissions, electronic submissions, drug safety, chemistry & manufacturing, or the Common Technical Document. Symposia on therapeutic areas provide instruction on pharmacology and therapeutic choices given by expert clinicians, along with regulatory insights from government reviewers and industry representatives.
  • CAPRA-ACPR also hosts bi-monthly evening meetings in both Toronto and Montréal, at which Health Canada or other knowledgeable people provide information on a very focused topic such as adverse event reports, Establishment Licences, or submission screening criteria.