International Food Focus Ltd.

211 Carlton Street
Unit East Office
TORONTO, Ontario
M5A 2K9

For more than 25 years, IFFL has provided a wide-range of regulatory compliance services in the agri-food sector, pre and post commercialization, in Canada, the USA and the EU.

Product Areas

  • Natural health products
  • Other
  • Canada: Pre-commercialization: Novel foods, novel fibres, food additives, infant formula, processed food composition Post-commercialization: Food composition and food label regulatory compliance, including translation into French language for: food ingredients, processed foods, infant formula, infant food, toddler food, pet food, animal feed and animal feed supplements. USA: Pre-commercialization: GRAS notifications, infant formula, dietary supplement composition and labels, novel dietary fiber submissions. Post-commercialization: composition and labels for the following categories: processed food, food ingredients, infant formula, infant food, toddler food, dietary supplements. EU: Novel food submissions, processed food labels


  • Canada
  • US
  • Europe (EU)


t: 416-924-3266
f: 416-924-2726
Posted 18-Jan-2019