International Food Focus Ltd.

211 Carlton Street,
Unit East Office
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 2K9

We provide both pre-commercialization (before a product is launched) and post-commercialization (as or after a product is launched. We are known for complete and well-written scientific dossiers, for submission to several regulatory authorities (FDA, USDA, Health Canada, CFIA, EFSA). Our post-commercialization reviews of both food product composition and product labelling are comprehensive, ensuring that regulatory compliance in both aspects is achieved, and further, that the product label aligns with the product composition.

Product Areas

  • Natural health products
  • Other
  • Novel food ingredients (GRAS for the USA; novel for Canada and the EU); food additives; novel dietary fibre; processed food; including infant formula, processed meat and poultry products; animal feed ingredients and supplements; edible cannabis. Our scope includes both the composition of the product, and the labelling requirements of the product, including sale to B2C and B2B.


  • Canada
  • Europe (EU)


T: 416-924-3266
F: 416-924-2726
Mail: 211 Carlton Street, East Office, Toronto, ON M5A 2K9 Canada
Posted 5-May-2020